Hani - Wait Forever
Darin - Breathing your love (acoustic)
Beyonce - Roc
Ciara - I'm on
Claude Kelly - Little miss perfect
Claude Kelly - Music sounds better with you
Johnta Austin - My love
Robyn ft. Snoopy Dogg - Bump like you
Akon - Freedom
Matisyahu - King Without a crown
Chris Brown - Froze
Neverstore - Rejected all long
Salem Al Fakir - It's only you
Brandy - Right here
Duffy - Rain on your parade
Sugababes - Here come the girls
Britney Spears - Quicksand
Briney Spears - Trouble
Soulja Boy ft. Sean Kingston - Yamaha Mama
T-Pain - My own steps
Britney Spears - Rock me in
Flo-Rida - You can be my shone
Scarface - Who are they
Britney Spears - Amnesia
Kanye West - Bad news
Leona Lewis - Run
Mitt Piano - Små små steg
Markus Krunegård - Ibland gör man rätt ibland gör man fel
Kevin Rudolph ft. Nas - NYC
Beyonce - Smashed into you
Beyonce - Scared of lonely
Kanye West - Amazing
Akon - Troublemaker
Madonna - Miles away
Elin Lanto - Discotech

Om ni råkat missa:

Jay Z - History
Lady Gaga - Boys boys boys
Britney - If you seek amy
Britney - Circus
Britney - Out from under
Kevin Rudolph ft. Lil Wayne - Let it rock

Och denna har jag inte lessnat på ännu..

T.I - whatever you like

Postat av: r

tack, välbehövligt för mina öron!

Postat av: u.klippmark

åh! nu fick man en hel del låtar att ladda ner =)

2008-12-10 @ 22:43:10

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